Switch your phone off. Wait a minute and restart. Start download process again.

Check that memory is not full on your device. Studiiapp requires very little memory space.

If you have memory  available and you still cannot download the app, check to see if you can download on a different phone or digital device. Studiiapp can still be used using a tablet or a computer.

Reasons that your phone cannot download the devise are as follows:

Phone too old. You need a IPhone 5s or better to support the software. In Android you need an equivalent quality of device.

Phone may be faulty or damaged as the result of a fall etc.

Delete the app and download again. It could also be for the same reason as above. Phone too old or phone is damaged/faulty. Try to work system on a different phone/tablet/computer.

Check that the your email address was correctly entered on your students device. Press the ‘Menu’ button on the top left corner of the screen. On the roll down menu press on ‘Your Profile’. Check that the email address matches the address that appears on top of your screen when you press ‘Menu’ button on your (parents) phone.

On your ‘Home’ screen press on the ‘Kids’ icon. Choose whichever student you want to observe data for.

Apple will not permit any system to run in the background when phone is off. You must leave phone on when you are ‘IN STUDY MODE’. System only uses approx. 12% battery life per hour. Recharge your devise before battery warning notification occurs. This will cause you to accidentally exit ‘Study Mode’. When you start study session just leave phone on and place it down on your desk.

The only button you can press on Apple phones is the ‘Back’ button. Every other action will knock you out of ‘Study Mode’.

On android devises you can press the ‘Back’ button. You can also press the power button to turn phone off. (Please note this is not to completely power phone off. It is to turn screen off). When you switch android phone on again you will still be in ‘Study Mode’.

Parents can see how long students are studying. They cannot see the ratings students give themselves.

If your camera is still on you have not scanned properly. Keep trying. Let supervisor know if problem persists.

Inform the supervisor. They should help get your phone to a charging point.

No. Whatever time you studied has been giving an automatic rating of 6. The time is then added to your totals.