For Schools Students

  • Access to online streamed live educational content.
  • Cannot text or make calls without leaving system.
  • Allows them to accurately measure study output (acts like study ‘fitness tracker’).
  • Provides cool graphs and data to encourage students to improve their performance.
  • Students still have ability to access online resources.
  • Improves performance and RESULTS!

List of Features for Students

Record attendance
Scan in and Scan out of school/college
Opt in/out of partner system (by mutual consent)
Track study by individual subject
Rate each study session
See instantly the quality study v other ‘study’
Distraction free study (muted social media etc.)
See a history of all study logged
Review study session with reports
Track your full year of study
Track Exam performance
See study patterns and their impact on results
See study quality and its impact on results
In App safe study-friendly internet access
Useful video content to help with the following:
Study skills and tips for students of all ages and levels
Reducing pressure and dealing with stress
Tips on nutrition and exercise to improve performance
Filling in CAO forms effectively