You have 2 ways to record your study sessions. 

You can use system to automatically record your sessions or you can manually enter the data as soon as you finish studying a subject. This takes only seconds to complete.

Here is how to use the system to record your sessions.

One of the big advantages to you of using the system this way is that it removes phone distractions. You do not have access to social media etc when you are in ‘Study Mode’. However you still have access to online resources through the browser on the system. To use browser  press the arrow at the top of the ‘Study Now’ page to return to the ‘Home Page’.

Do not worry when you accidentally exit system. Just restart session again. Your old session that you ‘crashed’ out of will be recorded in your totals and a default score of 6 will be used to calculate you ‘actual’ study totals and your overall percentages.

When you want to change subjects you must rate your study. On android press on ‘None Selected’. Pick a score that accurately reflects how you feel you studied. Be totally honest with yourself. This information is not shared with anyone. If you did a fantastic session give yourself a 10. This means if you have just studied for 30 minutes then 30 minutes will allocated to your totals. If you score the session a 5 then 15 minutes will be added to your score. On Apple phones you will see the different possible scores on a scroll. Choose the score you choose and then you must press ‘Done’ Then press ‘Stop Study’.

At the end of study session do exactly the same as for changing subjects. Rate your study and exit system.

You can check out the ‘Dashboard’ button to see your daily/weekly/monthly study totals.

If system is not working correctly for you please uninstall the app and reinstall again. In extreme situations this may need to be done more than once. 

Manual study entry